Computed Tomography (CT) scanning is one of the best non-destructive techniques to analyze and model the structure and distribution of internal wood characteristics.


The CT Imaging Centre is located at FPInnovations Wood Products Division in Vancouver, Canada. The Centre was designed specifically for the non-destructive evaluation of large specimens and products. Its X-ray capacity is approximately 30 times greater than that of conventional medical equipment, which makes it the most powerful and versatile CT scanner in North America. This scanner can serve the needs of many industrial sectors (wood, metal, geological samples, automobile, aviation, composite materials, etc.). It is located in a specially-designed concrete building that prevents any risk of radiation leakage.

The CT imaging Centre is jointly owned by FPInnovations and the University of Northern British Columbia. Infrastructure funding was provided by Canada Foundation for Innovation and the BC Knowledge Development Fund.

The Centre's main goal is "Providing non-destructive measurement and evlaluation services for industry and research".

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