What is CT Imaging?Illustration

X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) imaging is a nondestructive method for obtaining accurate 2- and 3- dimensional images of an objects's internal features. The technique uses an x-ray beam that penetrates the object. Transmitted energy is measured by a linear detector array and powerful computers are used to reconstruct 2-dimensional images on a slice-by-slice basis along its length. These images can be used to identify internal features, measure geometry, and characterize material properties. Slice images can also be assembled to provide a highly accurate 3-dimensionalmodel of the object.

CT Imaging was first used as specialized medical diagnostic tool in the early 1970s. Today CT scanners have become more common and non-destructive 3-dimensional imaging has found an increasing number of industrial uses in areas as diverse as design and manufacturing, materials research, geollogy, archaeology and museum conservation.